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Field Internship Instructional Design  Fall 2018

This work was performed by a partner and I. Through this internship, we had the chance to work closely with a faculty member by transferring and re-designing a website instruction into an online web-based platform. We used Articulate Rise and applied instructional design skills in order to provide better interactivity and to engage the audience more. This project was presented by Dr. Enilda Romero-Hall at the American Educational Research Association 2019 Anual Meeting in Toronto, Canada, and it was an amazing opportunity for me as a graduate student, to put into practice the things that I have learned in my classes by using the strategies and tools in a real-life situation.

You will find below some screenshots of this Rise project, with the Welcome, Instructions and Articulate assessment pages.  

Click on some of the Powtoon videos that were produced for these modules. You can use the "Enter Full Screen" button if you wish.

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