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This portfolio has been divided into sections to present information about my educational and professional backgrounds, my experience as an Instructional Design intern, and other facts related to my story. In the ABOUT page you will have a brief description about who I am and my intentions after concluding the IDT Master’s Program in May 2019. Clicking on the GOAL STATEMENT you will find my aspirations as an IDT professional. In the PROGRAM OF STUDY button, there is a list with all the courses that I have attended in the Instructional Design and Technology Program at The University of Tampa. My complete RESUME can also be found in this portfolio under the same name section.

Next, you will find two more sections. One called MY UT PROJECTS, which shows some works that I have developed during my Master’s Degree at the University of Tampa, individually and in groups. And another called MORE PROJECTS, with a showcase of some ongoing projects. If you have any questions, need more information or if your business or learning institution needs functional, engaging and innovative instructions, you can contact me through the chat below.

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